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Assembly code does not exist

One of the most important things to to do in an information model is to classify elements. A typo or another kind of mistake is easily made. DAQS helps checking your classification codes.

Mirrored doors #NotInMyBIM


New KPI's and pages

New or improved pages and KPI's: Model specifics: Survey Point and Project Base point and there de ...

Welke families maken mijn Revit model langzaam?

Om deze vraag te beantwoorden, moeten we eerst een verschil maken tussen laad- en view regeneratiepr ...

Estimated time to resolve issues

Trying to find elements with data issues can already be quite challenging. Trying to resolve will, o ...

DAQS.IO Partner Cards for BIM 360

DAQS.IO has developed partner cards for BIM360 to assist Project managers in getting a quick overview of quality and performance of the Revit models in the project.

Assembly codes controle

De keuze voor een waarde bij de assembly code heeft consequenties voor andere parameters binnen Revit, DAQS controleert die waarde of die stroken met de assembly code waarden.

Family Names check

The last two weeks we have been busy with a couple of things. One of them is the setup of the compan ...

How do you keep Revit performing as good as possible on your projects?

We probably have all experienced these Revit models that test our patience to the limit. Revit models that, while opening, allow you to walk to the coffee machine, have a coffee, a conversation or two, come back to your desk only to find out there is a dialogue asking you to say yes and showing it has only opened 13% of the model so far.