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Elevate your BIM experience with DAQS, offering innovative solutions, expert consultancy, and specialized development services.  

Our proprietary products, DAQS Assist and DAQS Dashboard, empower you to monitor and enhance the quality of your Revit Models.  

Engage our consultancy services for comprehensive Revit Health Checks and specialized training in Revit and linked development areas, including plugins and Autodesk Platform Services (formerly Autodesk Forge APIs).  

Unlock new possibilities with our development team, skilled in crafting tailored solutions such as Revit Plugins, Dashboards, and seamlessly integrating workflows using Autodesk Platform Services.  

Trust DAQS to be your holistic partner, providing unique solutions to meet your evolving BIM needs. 


We simplify and enhance the quality control process for your BIM projects. Our cutting-edge product empowers you to effortlessly inspect your Revit models and IFC files, ensuring compliance with industry best practices, performance standards, ILS and O&A, QA/QC, and more. With our intuitive platform, you gain early visibility into potential issues within your models and projects. We make quality control easy and transparent, providing a comprehensive solution to elevate the accuracy and efficiency of your design processes. Experience the convenience of streamlined quality assurance, where identifying and addressing issues becomes a seamless part of your project workflow.

Elevate your BIM experience with DAQS – your trusted partner for effective quality management.


We specialize in performing comprehensive health checks on Revit models, ensuring their optimal performance and adherence to industry standards. We also provide tailored training and coaching sessions in key areas such as Revit, Dynamo, Revit API for developers and Autodesk Platform Services for developers. Our goal is to empower your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize the potential of these tools, fostering continuous improvement and innovation.

Elevate your proficiency in BIM technologies with DAQS Consultancy – your trusted partner for holistic model health and skill enhancement.


We are at the forefront of innovation in BIM technology. Our dedicated team specializes in crafting bespoke solutions, focusing on the development of powerful Revit Plug-Ins and cutting-edge web applications using Autodesk Platform Services. Leveraging advanced tools such as the 3D viewer, Design Automation, and Autodesk's Construction Cloud, we bring efficiency and dynamism to your projects. Whether it's enhancing the functionality of Revit through custom Plug-Ins or creating immersive web experiences, our developers are committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. With a deep understanding of Autodesk's suite of services, we deliver tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

Partner with DAQS Development for unparalleled expertise and transformative solutions that propel your projects to new heights.

Meet the founders


is a software developer with more than 20 years of experience in programming in several different languages, he is living both in Holland and the Netherlands. He has developed software for small and big companies and government agencies.



is an implementation consultant for Revit, specializing in analyzing Revit models for customers who want to improve performance or data quality. He is also living both in Holland and the Netherlands.



is a software developer with more than 15 years of experience and specialized in web applications and also lives in the Netherlands.