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Terms and Conditions

Before using the DAQS dashboards, you as a user must understand the following points:

  • DAQS has made queries that extract specific data from the 'information models'. For this purpose, specific properties are used. If an element does not have certain properties and it is not found or marked then it needs to be looked at more closely.
  • DAQS can give value judgments to some elements, these are done on the basis of:
    • Conformity to standards
    • Knowledge, experience and insights
    • 'Best practices'
  • DAQS tries to give an accurate picture of your information models. Unexpected results can occur at any time and the causes of this can be investigated together. Just as there can be errors in an information model, there can also be errors in the code of DAQS. DAQS gives you the opportunity to share your comments so that they can be included for improvement in the development.
  • The dashboards are intended to facilitate communication, improve and monitor the quality and performance of the information models.

To make use of the DAQS dashboards, you as a user must agree to the following conditions:

  1. You will use the information shown to the best of our ability.
  2. You may not disclose anything you see without the permission of the copyright owner.