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Health Checks

DAQS conducts comprehensive health check reports on Revit Models, offering tailored recommendations and actionable insights for BIM Engineers, BIM Coordinators, and BIM Managers. Let us thoroughly examine your Revit models to identify areas for improvement. Gain insights into the performance of your models, adherence to best practices, and discover potential training needs on specific topics.

Training Programs

The DAQS team provides versatile training programs, available onsite in The Netherlands (online and globally training upon request). Empower your team with customized training sessions designed to meet your business or project needs: 

  • Revit training: improve your knowledge of Revit and learn all the ins and outs. 
  • Dynamo (plus Python) training: Utilize Dynamo to automate processes or prototype ideas for real Revit Plugins. Use Python to create your own nodes and bring your Dynamo workflow to a higher level. 
  • Revit API for Developers / Revit Plugins Training: Create functional Revit Plugins compatible with different Revit versions. Learn to create simple installers for easy sharing, installation, and use of the plugins. 
  • Training for In-House Development using Autodesk Platform Services: Develop a web page using Autodesk Platform Services. Showcase models in the 3D viewer or gain access to your BIM360 / ACC environment. 
  • Developing, Maintaining, and Deploying Apps Within Your Organization (Scrum, Git, Azure DevOps): Understand coding practices, collaborative development for Revit Plugins, and organizing concepts into tangible products. 

If you have a specific training topic in mind, please reach out to us, and we will tailor a training program to meet your specific needs. 

DAQS is your strategic partner in achieving proficiency and innovation in BIM technologies. Elevate your team's skills and maximize the potential of your development projects with DAQS Consultancy.