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New KPI's and pages

New or improved pages and KPI's:

Model specifics:

Survey Point and Project Base point and there detail pages have been redone. Notice the red X, hoover over them for an error message.

File Size has been redone, only currently it gives the value in bytes... 


For now Materials have been added by elements, it was a layout choice. The detail page give a bit more information but needs some further work.

View and sheets:

Views and sheets have gotten there own line. Needs more work but is coming about.

Many more KPI's have had there detail pages updated.



About the author

Daniël Gijsbers

Daniël Gijsbers

Implementation Consultant
Worked for Autodesk reseller 2007 - 2015
Worked for and Collaborated with Autodesk since January 2015
Specialisation in Revit and Design Automation Processes.
Civil Engineer based in The Netherlands
+20 years experience in AEC industry