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Time is a precious resource in project workflows, and DAQS is designed to streamline your processes, saving you valuable time at every step. In a typical project workflow, multiple engineers create specific models, export them to either IFC or NWC, and then share these files with a BIM coordinator for analysis on data quality and BIM uses like clash detection. The findings are then communicated back to the engineers, often in the form of BCF, resulting in a significant influx of issue-related communication.

With DAQS, we revolutionize this process by bringing data validation directly into Revit. Now, each engineer and modeler can independently analyse their own models within the familiar Revit environment. This reduces the frequency of time-consuming exports to external formats and reduces the overhead associated with issue management. The result is not only a more efficient workflow but also better-quality models with reliable data.

By empowering engineers to directly assess and validate their models within Revit, DAQS enhances the overall efficiency of the workflow. This reliable data, in turn, enables BIM coordinators to automate model checking more effectively, reducing the time required for manual inspections. Experience the time-saving benefits of DAQS as it transforms your workflow, allowing you to focus more on creating and refining models with confidence.