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DAQS.IO Partner Cards for BIM 360

DAQS.IO Partner Cards for BIM 360
Insights into quality and performance of Revit project models

DAQS, an easy solution for continuous assessment of Revit data quality and Revit model performance, announces new integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud
DAQS now integrates with Autodesk Construction Cloud™,

Now project managers can easily assess the quality and performance of the Revit files directly within their Autodesk® Build™ and BIM 360® Project Home dashboards.

DAQS offers AEC companies an easy way to specify, verify and comply with the data quality demands of information models. The DAQS service shows the status, trends, and statistics of Revit models and projects on dashboards for engineers, project managers and BIM managers. DAQS can display metrics for a specific model, multiple models in a project, and multiple projects of a company. Multiple  summaries of the performance and quality KPI's can now be embedded in Autodesk Build and BIM 360 dashboards, giving project managers an overview of model quality and, when needed, a drill down into the model’s data.

Integration Partner Ecosystem page of Autodesk: Autodesk Partners Cards

The Data Quality card:

Many projects have specific information requirements to be met at particular moments in time. The DAQs Partner Card in Autodesk Build and BIM 360 gives project managers a trend overview of which models are meeting construction specifications for review and which models need quality improvements. The Data Quality card accumulates multiple KPI scores: 'BIM uses in jeopardy warnings', modelling warnings, analytical warnings and other warnings, including whether classifications have been added to model elements. The DAQs Partner Card also shows the changes in the quality of the Revit models over time, enabling teams to monitor trends in their model quality.

The Performance card:

The Performance Partner Card is an aggregation of multiple KPI's and shows the changes in overall performance of the Revit models over time, such as decreases in loading and view regeneration. The dashboard allows users to drill down to understand potential causes and identify which files need attention to stay ahead of and prevent any impacts.

The Integration

The DAQS Partner Card data is created on the DAQS dashboard and made available through Autodesk's dashboards in both Autodesk Build and BIM 360, allowing people to see the changes of the quality and performance of the Revit models over time. Customers can easily add the DAQS Partner Cards to their Autodesk Build or BIM 360 Project Home dashboard by following these steps.

Quote from an employee of Dura Vermeer, a Dutch Contractor: "They are strict, but they are right."

Good to know:

Your Revit files will stay in the Autodesk Construction Cloud environment. DAQS does not store your Revit files. The DAQS service is set up into two specific components, a language-independent component for Revit generic KPI's and a specific component for national standards KPIs. The Dutch component can be turned off and soon, DAQS will introduce new languages and standards so customers may choose which one to use next to the generic component. The partner cards use information from the Revit language-independent KPIs, and therefore these partner cards can be used by any Autodesk Construction Cloud user. For the DAQS Partner Cards to work, the Revit language-independent checks are required. Roughly 15 minutes is needed to set up all the components of the system, and a trial is available free of charge.

We are eager to show how the solution will benefit you. Please reach out to us if you would like to know more:

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