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Autodesk Construction Cloud Integration

DAQS is a Autodesk Construction Cloud Integration Partner.

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The Performance card

shows the changes in overall performance or the Revit models over time and is also an accumulation of multiple KPI's. Experience tells that many Revit models tend to slowly decrease in loading and view regeneration performance over time. Several actions can be taken to avoid this, and the card is to help identify which file needs attention. The dashboard allows to drill down to show what might be the cause of the performance degradation.

The Data Quality card

shows the changes in the overall quality of the Revit models over time and is an accumulation of multiple KPI's. Data Quality consists of KPI's for BIM uses jeopardy warnings, modelling warnings, Analytical warnings and if classifications have been added to the elements. The Quality card is designed with the following purpose: Many projects have specific information requirements to be met at particular moments in time. Therefore, the card is designed to give the project manager a trend overview of which model is on track and which model needs attention or take other actions.

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