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The Howto's

How does it work? This movie will give you a general overview of how the service works.

How to add our app to your BIM360 environment.

How to authenticate the your DAQS.IO account to browse BIM360 for:

  • Add projects (if your account credentials permits this)
  • Add models
  • Start scans

If your project is not here yet then you need to add a project from BIM360. When you add a project you create a placeholder for the scan results. No files are copied from BIM360 to DAQS.IO

After adding a project you can start to add Revit models. When you add a model you create a placeholder for the scan of that model. No Revit model is copied to DAQS.IO


It is important for the service to set which version of Revit is this.


Without data, perception is reality!


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DAQS stands for:

Data Analytics and Quality Service

and we stand for:

helping you to create and use the best Building Information Model.