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Non-existing classification codes


One of the most important things to to do in an information model is to classify elements. A typo or another kind of mistake is easily made. DAQS helps checking the classification codes.

Of course you can create a schedule in Revit and see if an element has a classification code, but a schedule wont show you if a code exists.

DAQS connect checking rules to classification codes so if a code does not exist the element can not be checked. An empty classification code does not exist and therefor those elements are flagged as well.

In the DAQS Assist we help engineers find those elements that do not comply to the classification code system.

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disclaimer: Issue in this Revit file are used as an example of what and how elements can be found in a model. It does not imply that the this model is wrong. That is up to the project team to decide. DAQS helps you find those elements that might have issues.

should this concern me?

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to ensure BIM quality

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