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Streamlining Data Quality Checks: Rethinking Your Workflow
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Have you ever worked on a project where issues seemed to multiply like rabbits? Issue management tools and workflows can be incredibly practical, but we've all witnessed situations where they got out of hand. One common example I've encountered is during data quality checks, where issues can pile up, causing unnecessary delays and frustration.

The typical workflow that I've seen is illustrated below (you can substitute "IFC" for "NWC" if necessary). While this workflow might work well for clash detection, it's not the most efficient approach for data quality checks.

Current Workflow:

  1. Export IFC files from Revit.
  2. A BIM coordinator reviews the files and runs automated checks.
  3. Issues are sent back to the modeler.
  4. Modelers address and fix the identified issues.

This process can introduce significant issue management overhead, slowing down your project's progress and increasing coordination challenges.

But what if there was a better way? Part of the Data Quality Checking Solution (DAQS) involves conducting data quality checks directly within Revit. This approach offers several key benefits:

Benefits of DAQS:

  1. Time Savings: By eliminating the need to export IFC files, you save valuable time that can be better spent on other critical tasks.

  2. Reduced Coordinator Burden: BIM coordinators no longer need to manage the intricate back-and-forth of issue resolution, allowing them to focus on higher-level tasks that drive project efficiency.

  3. Individual Accountability: With every modeler responsible for data quality in their own designs, you create a sense of ownership that encourages proactive issue prevention.

  4. Improved IFC Quality: By addressing data quality issues within Revit, you can export higher-quality IFC files for various BIM purposes, enhancing overall project performance.

In conclusion, it's time to rethink your data quality check workflow. Embracing the DAQS solution not only streamlines the process but also empowers your team to deliver higher-quality work with greater efficiency.