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Data inconsistency


What are data inconsistencies? 

When you search for the word inconsistent you get the following explanations.

  1. Displaying or marked by a lack of consistency, especially.
  2. Not regular or predictable; erratic.
  3. Lacking in correct logical relation; contradictory.

It is the third one that we want to focus on in this blogpost, lacking in correct logical relation; contradictory.

In the image below you see two Dutch parameters. Parameter one is used to state if this elements is demanded to be fire resistant. This parameter value has three potential values:

  1. not set (greyed out check mark)
  2. true (check mark)
  3. false (empty box)


Parameter two demands the minimum time of fire resistance for this element. The current values are contracdicting eachother. The DAQS rule engine allows you to wirte checks to find these contradicting values.

Some might argue that the heavier demand takes priority over the other which might work fine if you review both parameters but what if you query a model automatically? Depending on the query this may lead to inconsistent results which may lead to higher expenses.

We think if both parameters are needed then if parameter 1 is false then parameter two should be 0. The DAQS Assist will help you find this element and let you fix one of the two parameters. 

Of course this is a very simple example but it gives an impression to which direction you can go with the DAQS rule engine for checking your model on data consistency.

If you want to know more be sure to reach out and contact us.