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Known Issues

Source: Knowledge Base Autodesk


The Custom Integrations (APPS) tab is missing from BIM 360 Account Admin module. The Custom Integrations tab may have appeared on a previous BIM 360 account.

Note: The APPS tab was formerly "Apps & Integrations."


By default, the “Custom Integrations” tab is only visible for accounts with 100 or more users.

Note: Even if the account has 100 or more users, the Custom Integration tab might still need to be activated manually by the Development Team.


To have the Custom Integrations tab activated for a BIM 360 account, send an email to The subject line should be, “BIM 360 Docs – API Activation Request.” Include the following information in the body of the email:

  • BIM 360 Account ID.
  • BIM 360 Account Name.
  • BIM 360 Account Admin email address.

Find Account ID here: